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Tag: injury rehabilitation

LCL – What Have I actually done?

July 2, 2021
Injury, Pain

Alice Beasley The LCL or lateral collateral ligament is a cord like structure which supports the outside of the knee joint by attaching the fibula (outside bone of the calf) to the femur (thigh bone). A ligament does not join onto a muscle like a tendon does, so is called a “static stabiliser” of a […]

Sports Therapy or Physio?

September 4, 2020
What is Sports Therapy?

What is the difference between a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist? The biggest question we get is ‘Are you a Physio?’ OR ‘What’s different between Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy?’ OR ‘Do i need physio or sports therapy?’ The simple answer is that both professionals are trained and insured to treat musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, the only difference […]

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