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Meet the Team

Owner/Clinic Director

Naomi Huggins
Graduate Sports Therapist
Owner/Clinic Director

Founder of NM Sports Therapy, Naomi is now a Full time Lecturer in Sports Therapy at University of Worcester. Although she has taken a step back from seeing patients, she is still there in the background keeping the clinic running. With experience from local to international rugby along with 7 years in Great Britain American Football Medical Team – her knowledge keeps the team motivated and up to date running CPD sessions for all practitioners.

Meet your therapists…

Charlie Gill Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a Graduate Sports Therapist from Hartpury University and am currently in the final stages of study for my MSc in Sports Rehabilitation at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I have been completing my MSc studies through the pandemic in order to keep progressing for the benefit of both my patients and myself whilst also working as a Sports Therapist.

I am currently the Lead Sports Therapist at Bath Rugby Ladies in the Championship south league and have gained fantastic experience working with Hartpury RFC and Bath Rugby Academy where I also work as an assistant academy Sports Therapist. In addition to this I work in a number of independent schools across Somerset and Gloucestershire. 

As a rugby player, white water kayaker, road runner, surfer, stand up paddleboarder and gym goer; sport and exercise are a huge part of how I look after and enjoy myself. It’s because of this, I know all too well about the detrimental effects injuries can have on not only performance but quality of life and wellbeing. Because of this I choose to view injury not as a barrier but instead as a bump in the road and an opportunity to develop and bounce back stronger.

As a Graduate Sports Therapist and member of The Society of Sports Therapists I am able to utilise a number of treatment methods to help you on your return from injury or mission to improve performance. These include Advanced Sports Massage Techniques, Electrotherapy, Joint Mobilisations, K-Taping and Exercise Prescription. I am always looking to develop my skill set and learn new skills not only as part of my CPD but as part of my drive to always keep on moving.

Alice Beasley
Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a level 3 Sports Massage Therapist about to graduate as a MSST Sports Therapist from Hartpury University, I also have a BSc in Biology (Bristol University). This is a change of direction in career for me as I have spent the last 20 years as an International level Dressage Rider and Coach, so I have plenty of life experience needing the skills of a good massage therapist and/or sports therapist myself.
Massage can be an important part of recovery from sports and strenuous activities, as well as helping to manage the stressors of everyday life, and as a coach I know communication is key to tailor treatment sessions for each individual to get the best outcome possible. I am passionate about enabling people to reach their goals (whatever they may be) and try to use a positive focus to find a way forward from injury or illness.
My firm belief in movement and its importance to our health and wellbeing has meant I’m about to embark on a Masters Degree in Applied Strength and Conditioning. Whilst studying at Hartpury I have developed my skills and experience working with Equestrian Athletes, the Hartpury Women’s Football Team, Gloucester RFC and the Hartpury Sports injury Clinic.
When not working or studying, you’ll find me tramping through the hills with my dog, adventuring outdoors in general or hitting the slopes for some skiing.

Dan Mrowiec
Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a graduate sports therapist from the University of Gloucestershire. I have worked in a variety of sports including Rugby, Football, American Football and Volleyball. Through experiences with fantastic organizations the likes of Oxford Brooks American Football Club, Gloucester RFC, and Gloucestershire University Volleyball Club I have developed my knowledge of injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Having many years of experience as a youth coach and understand the needs and demands placed on young athletes as they develop their athletic journey.

I am capable in delivering various treatments including: massage, manual therapy, electro therapy, KinesoTape application, whilst building personalized programs to get athletes back to what they love doing most. When it comes to training, I am a huge advocate of quality over quantity. I am constantly looking to expand my own knowledge and treatment methods through CPD, as well as individual experiences by developing authentic rapport with clients.

In my spare time I am quite an active individual. When not planning/training for bike packing trips across the UK, I coach and play Volleyball, run, surf and rock climb. My interests and experiences have driven me to broaden my understanding the various areas of health and fitness. Having worked through my own injuries, I understand that there is no single approach towards rehabilitation and being pain free.

Miles Corbett
Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a Graduate Sports Therapist from the University of Gloucestershire. I have worked within a variety of sports such as Athletics, Football and Rugby Union. I am currently Lead Sports Therapist at Cheltenham North RFC where I have been able to develop and expand my knowledge base of injury assessment, management and rehabilitation. I have also gained experience working with the Cornwall County RFU alongside helping non-sports people within occupational healthcare and health risk management. I am able to deliver treatments including sports massage, manual therapy and electrotherapy as well as having an understanding of the biopsychosocial model and holistic healthcare and the benefits that this can have on musculoskeletal injuries. I am keen to learn new methods of treatment and management for injuries by attending CPD courses. During my personal time, I am a keen runner and swimmer. I am interested in all areas of health and fitness and understand the difficulties that injuries can place on everyday life as well as training schedules.

Hannah Maynard
Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a graduate sports therapist from the university of Gloucestershire. I have worked within a number of different sporting environments including football, rugby and American football. I have developed my knowledge of injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation and gained vast amounts of experience while working with Gloucestershire County RFU, Gloucester RFC developing players programme and the British American football association.

As a keen cyclist and triathlete, I have experienced my fair share of injuries. This has helped me to understand the frustration and inconvenience that injuries can cause. My past personal experiences have fuelled my love and determination to help others overcome injury and return to what they love doing whether that is sport or just day to day activities.

Kirsten Wing
Graduate Sports Therapist

I am a Graduate Sports Therapist from the University of West Engalnd with a masters degree in Applied Strength and Conditioning. As a person I am innately curious hence I have started a PhD at the University of Gloucestershire. As a therapist I believe in functional and meaningful rehabilitation where ‘motion is lotion’. I am a full member of the Society of Sports Therapists and provide all services in alignment with a GST’s competencies from assessment, management and treatment to long term rehabiliation and conditioning. I have and currently work in professional sport (football/rugby) along with their academy and talent pathways but continue my learning up skill in the public health sector with a passion for post operative management. I love the outdoors and when not on or near a pitch, gym or clinic I can be found with the horses at the yard or exploring the world.

Chief Greeter

Meet our (occasional) clinic dog, the very handsome Cody. He is a Lurcher (Greyhound, Saluki, collie) X Border Collie which means he is very intelligent, but also very soppy and loving!

‘My first impression was very good, I saw an instant improvement and received good recommendations. I have noticed positive effects in that one thing leads to another in the body and from my first treatment it has been only positive improvements in both my body and my sport.’ 
Nicole Talbot – Weightlifter

Sponsored Athletes

We are very proud to be able to support up and coming athletes along with those more established with elite status. We know how much time is spent training and the sacrifices made. We are giving that helping hand to get them to where they want to be with physical support keeping their bodies in fighting shape.


Ben Robinson – Robinson Canicross

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Blake striding along!

Ben holds many Canicross Records:
5 * British Championship (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019) – Gold
2015 ICF European Championship (Relay) – Bronze
2016 ICF European Championship (Relay) – Bronze
2017 ICF European Championship – Gold 2017 IFSS World Championship – Gold
2018 ICF World Championship – Silver 2018 ICF World Championship (Canicross Relay) – Bronze 2018 ICF World Championship (Mixed Relay) – Gold 2018 IFSS European Championship – Gold 2018 IFSS European Championship (Relay) – Gold
World’s fastest dog-assisted 5km (off-road) – 12:24

Follow his progress on Facebook & Instagram @robinsoncanicross

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Kerry Davis – GB Boxing

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GB Development Boxer

Kerry is a young up and coming female boxer. She spends her time between training in Portsmouth with her club coach and in Sheffield with GB Boxing. When she isn’t Boxing, she works as a lifeguard. She has just been to Spain for European Championships and is off to Tokyo for Olympic prep next month.

It’s important for me to have people on my journey that I can trust, I know that NM Sports Therapy always do their best for me, and are honest with me about what treatments I need and how to take care of my body. I’m very grateful to be sponsored by an amazing group of people! 
Being sponsored by NM Sports Therapy helps with my physical performance because I trust that my body is in the best shape to compete at a high level.  Being sponsored by NM Sports Therapy has made a big difference to the level I can train at. Being a full time athlete means I am always training which results in a lot of niggles and minor injury’s and having the opportunity to see someone at Nm Sports Therapy when I need to puts me at ease. “

Kerry Davis – GB Boxing

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Sally Reid – Cyclo X (MAGSPEED)

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3rd Place

Sally Reid (Hibberd) is a Cheltenham based rider who has a background in
Mountain Biking XC racing. As a professional MTB XC rider in the late
80’s and early 90’s, she rode for various teams including Specialized, Zinn, Alpine Stars and MBUK competing in the Grundig World Cups and World
Championships. Career highlights were 3 consecutive National titles, top 5
finishes in World Cup series and top 10 at World Championships.
After a break of 20 odd years (just living life) Sally returned to cycling in
2015. Using her now-retro GT MTB, she rode a local Western League Cyclocross race and was hooked! In her second season back she won the Cyclocross National Title in the Vet 55-59 category, relishing the tough Bradford course. She now rides for Team MAGSPEED.

As a masters athlete, it is even more important to keep my body in tip top condition! NMSPT have been instrumental in rehabbing a calf injury from last season and also helping me to recover fully so that I can put in the considerable training I need to succeed. The pre-race treatment I receive from Harriet will allow me to go into my races with the best possible chance of success! Thank you so much to the team for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be the best I can be! Watch this space for the results as my racing season begins next weekend.

Sally Reid Cyclo X rider

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Team Partnerships

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Cheltenham Touch Rugby
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Team Incredible – Running Club

Product Partnerships

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necksaviour Discount Code: NMSPT

‘I was recommended to NM Sports Therapy Clinic and since have considerably less pain and discomfort. Naomi is very friendly, down to earth and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the outcome and still am. Naomi is very helpful and knows her stuff! I recommend NM Sports Therapy Clinic to friends and family.’
L Taylor – PD @ Solicitors

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