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Download The Clinic Portal App to make Online Bookings even easier.

April 8, 2019

Click Here for iPhone Click Here for Android Follow the Instructions below for returning clients: STEP 1: Enter the clinic email to log into our clinic portal: STEP 2: If you are a returning client but have not yet used the app/online booking yet: STEP 3: Enter the email address you use for our reminders […]

Balance Body and Bike

April 1, 2019

People have been riding bikes since the 1800s, however in recent years the number of people cycling, has surged. No longer is it an elite competitive sport, it’s now a worldwide, mass-participation activity. It’s not just a means of getting you from A to B or the fact that it’s an opportunity that’s available to […]

Mothers Day Vouchers

March 25, 2019

Want to treat a mother in your life? Buy a Sports Massage or Therapy voucher! Sports Massage 60min – £3645min – £3230min – £24 Sports Therapy60min – £45 Email or Call the clinic to purchase.01242

Marathon Treatment Bundles

March 11, 2019

NM Sports Therapy Clinic is offering a Marathon treatment package to all runners to help with your preparation and keeping you injury free. Our Marathon MASSAGE Package includes: ⭐ 2 x 30mins pre marathon sports massage ⭐ 2 x 30mins post marathon sports massage (to be used within 3 weeks of completing the marathon) Price: […]

Clinic Closed Friday 8th March

March 8, 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the clinic is closed today. All phone messages will be picked up tomorrow. For booking, please use the online booking system which can be accessed via the Book Online Tab on the website.

RUN: Better, Faster, Longer, Stonger

March 4, 2019

Do you dream of being that runner where every step of every mile is 100% pain free? No aches, no twinges or niggles, no lingering soreness from yesterday’s session. Well, you are not alone; research shows that as many as 79% of runners get injured at least once during the year. Stop. Think about that […]

Sleep – What effect does it have on me as a sports person?

February 21, 2019

More questions are now being asked into what predisposes athletes to injury. With research increasing, more factors are arising along with increased interventions for athlete and support staff alike. Psychosocial factors are becoming an increasingly key predisposition to injury when looking into psychological antecedents. All injures are multifactorial, therefore we should have a multifactorial prevention […]

New Online Booking Launch

February 5, 2019

We have finally set up the online booking stystem for our new software! This means you can complete consultation/personal detail before your initial appointment; you can amend your details (ie new address) anytime on the app; book online; cancel online; change appointments. We will at some point be launching payment options online including our blocks […]

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